Updated: Feb 14

Hi Ladies! Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, but this year especially, I think we can agree that we could all do with a little more love in our lives, and it doesn’t always have to come from a significant other! Think about it; who held your hair back when you had a little too much champagne at that one New Year’s party? Who made sure you had an endless stock of ice cream when another bad boy broke your heart? Who “emergency called you” to get you out of that dodgy date? And who cheered you on when you hit epic career and personal milestones? That’s right, your gal pals – the real loves of your life! If anyone deserves to indulge in love notes and boxes of heart-shaped chocolate this year, it’s them. Want to join the Galentine’s Day movement and love on your lady friends but feeling a little tongue tied? We’re here for you, Sister! We’ve created some simple but sweet LOVE NOTES that you can spread far and wide to show the wonderful women in your life that they are deeply appreciated. Click to download your favorites and send them in a text, an email, or share them on Instagram; everyone loves a love note.


Let’s take today to remind the wonderful women in our lives just how marvelous, powerful and loved they are!

It’s Galentine’s Day all day, every day at the Awaken Institute so if you’re crafting your dream life and in need of a little love, support and encouragement we’ve got your back! Sign up today for one month of free access to our life-changing VIP coaching sessions, workshops and the Awaken Institute Platform.

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