Meet the Founders behind the coaching and women's empowerment programs

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Behind every great organization is a great woman, right? Well, at the Awaken Institute, our coaching and women’s empowerment principles and practices are built on the shoulders of two inspiring women. Let’s meet them, shall we?

MEET AMY Women's Empowerment & Community Champion

Amy has been an international women’s advocate for over a decade; from leading a non-profit and supporting empowerment groups from East Africa to India, to running a women’s growth society in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s a champion for women’s rights and upliftment and has created 200+ events around the world, from fundraisers to conferences, retreats, galas and more. Through these experiences, Amy has helped improve the lives of over 180,000 women from all walks of life.

She is on a mission to encourage women to stand together, to know their worth and to fight boldly for themselves and one another. In short, if you’re a woman, you’re going to want Amy on your side!

“When you bring diverse women together for a shared experience that is rooted in love and open-heartedness, it’s transformational, not just for the women but for the planet, and how healing it is. When they can surrender to the experience it’s such a powerful experience that can occur. Having a sense of community and a sense of trust.”

MEET ELIZABETH High Impact Life Coach & Positivity Powerhouse

Life coach to A-list celebrities, CEOs and best-selling authors, Elizabeth’s wisdom is well-sought after amongst today’s most elite and influential movers and shakers across multiple industries. She’s a master at creating and facilitating growth programs, seminars and life coaching for individuals yes, but also for crowds over 5,000 people strong! The world has taken notice and you’ll find Elizabeth’s powerful methods featured in The New York Times, ABC News, TLC and more!

When you decide you want to feel amazing, break through the barriers that are holding you back and step into your own greatness then Elizabeth is going to be right at your side; holding your hand and cheering you on.

“I have always been drawn to the psychology behind what makes us happy – especially love and spirituality. Growing up in a family of traditional therapists and intuitive healers, my innate gift of helping people reveal their best, most brilliant selves was cultivated early in life.”

As modern women we juggle a lot; careers, families, social lives, household management and so much more! Amy and Elizabeth are here to strike the match that will ignite your emotional resilience and will encourage you forward. What’s more, they understand that your personal wellbeing, on every level, is the key to your success. They prioritize your growth using community, women’s empowerment and life coaching methods that will get out you of “survival mode” and into “thriving mode”.

It’s 2020, so you may be in isolation but, at the Awaken Institute, you are never alone.

Lock arms with our community, we will get there faster and go further, JOIN US!

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