Frequently asked questions

How can I join the Awaken Institute?

We are still in development with plans to launch in early 2020. But you can still sign up for the waitlist on this website to reserve your spot in line!

You can sign up for the waitlist here.

What is included in my membership?

What you get:
Each month, learn from leading female experts on a variety of topics through our inspiring and thought-provoking multi-media content designed to super-charge your growth.
Networking and collaboration opportunities with like-minded women who are ready to dive deep, do the work and step into the life they envision. Engage with women around the globe in our community forum.
*Heightened Success*
Gained confidence from ongoing growth and a community of women coming together to amplify the success of one other. We are the future the world needs! --- EVERY MONTH A NEW GROWTH TOPIC *WEEK ONE - Wisdom Workshop* Access to one Wisdom Expert Workshop; complete with guided video lesson, a wisdom journal containing exercises, additional tools and resources to apply learnings to your life. *WEEK TWO - Live Interactive Coaching* A One Hour group coaching call. Join live, for a group coaching call with female thought-leaders from the previous weeks' workshop. Together, with the community, you will unpack the monthly topic and have the ability to ask specific questions. *WEEK THREE - Sister Support* Match with an Awaken Sister support partner who is also participating in the course and dive further through a guided virtual call. This is an optional opportunity to share your struggles, tips, and connect over your shared experience. Building your network of supportive women is part of the secret sauce of Awaken Institute and we highly encourage this part! *WEEK FOUR - Community Connection* We are only as strong as our community. Growth and personal exploration is more fun and deeper with our Awaken Institute Community forum. You will feel supported by women going through the same journey and get actionable steps to enhance long term impact. The community forum is where much of the bonus content will live such as community job postings, business networking, and other ways to get support and give support to the Awaken Institute Sisterhood!

Is the Awaken Institute for me?

The Awaken Institute is for you if:

  • You’re in a big life transition, looking for guidance and clarity to navigate your best path.
  • You’ve realized there is more to your life; you’re looking for more purpose and fulfillment.
  • You’re a role model who believes your personal growth will lead to the growth of others around you.
  • You’ve become self-aware and now know there are things to work on to become free of the past.
  • You invest in your career and want to reach heightened levels of personal success.
  • You are tired of living in a "man's world" and want education and wisdom for you, as a woman, that makes a positive impact on your life.
  • You want to connect and be supported by women who want what you want: your truest, best life; your Awakened Self.

What topics are covered in the monthly content?

We believe that continuous learning combined with courageous action will really catalyze your success, happiness, and freedom in all areas of your life. That's why we cover a range of topics, including:

  • and more
We are in close contact with our community and are always adding new topics and experiences. Stay tuned as a member to be notified of new topics and offerings.

Who teaches the courses?

Each month we bring in a "Wisdom Expert". She will be a subject matter expert who is dedicated to offering something valuable to the community. In between the course content, we will offer bonus online workshops and events as the community demand for it grows. Some examples of our Wisdom Experts are listed here on our community page.

What is the relationship between The Awaken Society and the Awaken Institute?

For more information about our sister company, please visit The Awaken Society website here.