We offer coaching, community and content to help women heighten success in all areas of their lives.


Renee Franzwa

Product Manager, Education at Unity Technologies

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Renee advises on digital education curriculum and strategy.

Kristin M. Smith

Professor and Distance Education Coordinator at City College of San Francisco

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Kristin advises on long distance education and course structure.

Lucy Caldwell

Founder at Life Revealed

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Lucy advises on curation of wisdom content and creating heart space communities.

Marla Rosen

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Marla is our mental health advisor on creating supportive and safe community.​

Melissa Neo-Jones

Creative Design Professional

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Melissa designed the Awaken brand and leads creative marketing.

Amanda Kahlow


Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Exec Chairman at 6sense

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Amanda advises on start up structure, growth and fundraising.

Kim Hess

Cultural Anthropologist and Founder, BlacksInTech​

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Kim advises on building a diverse and inclusive community/workplace.

Fiona Ramsey

Digital Product Marketing

and PR Consultant 

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Fiona advises on creative customer engagement, PR and product marketing.

Amy Vaninetti

Founder + CEO

"aka the visionary leader"

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Amy is the founder and develops the vision, team, community, events and strategic partnerships.

Brooke Estin

Co-Creator + Growth Marketer

"aka the creative hacker"

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Brooke is the co-creator and leads brand, 

user experience, growth marketing

and data analytics.


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